Dr. Med. Michael Greger has done several studies on the subject. A short summary:

The choline of the eggs is obviously a very important cause of formation and propagation of the cancer. Poultry are a species of animals with a high content of choline.

Men, who consume only one egg once a week, have 81 per cent of risk of...


Italian scientists carried out a study by observing the different types of food consumed and their influence in developing prostate cancer. A total of 1,294 men with prostate cancer and 1,451 control subjects participated in the study.

Researches summarized the results of the study: “Our analysis reveals that consumption of...


“If meat, deli goods and cheese are found regularly on your dinner table, you have a risk of developing diabetes. In this case it does not help in any way how much vegetables or fruit you consume the risk is present”




  • High protein consumption (meat and dairy products) increases the risk of developing cancer, diabetes and it accelerates mortality rates in both animals and humans.
  • There is a link between high level of IGF-1 growth hormone, mortality rate and high consumption of animal derived protein (milk and dairy products contain a...

Vegetarians are more prone to developing a cancer as well as heart related diseases, allergies and mental disorders that those eating meat. Besides, they have a lower quality of life and require medical services more often according to the studies of the University of Graz:



Austria, Sweden and Norway were for centuries the countries with an outstanding consumption of sugar, meat and milk. In 2000, there were 27 deaths for every 100,000 men across a range of ages. The cause of death in such cases was prostate cancer and it is 27 times higher than in China (1 for every 100,000), 10 times higher than...


According to a study published in the “Stem Cell Reports”, experiments carried out on animals are inadequate for evaluating potential therapies against Alzheimer in humans.  The problem is that brain cells of mice are much more sensitive to the effects of drugs that those in humans. As a result, this leads to an overestimation...


Newborns who are fed cow milk have high concentrations of cow’s casomorphines in their blood stream and this can lead to life-threatening conditions such as apnoea, SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the most common cause of death in children under the age of one.  

Casomorphines not only lead to addiction to dairy...


Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn exclaimed: “I still caress the dream I had when I started these investigations; to be able to show that the main cause of death of the occidental civilization can been defeated through a mere vegetable diet. But we can still do more. If advertising accepted that way of preventing illnesses, if millions...


Dr. Michael Greger shows us some of the most common tricks used by the animal exploitation industry.

In one of the studies it has been shown how the consumption of beef can reduce cholesterol, an effect that has been unanimously contradicted by the rest of serious studies. One study used by the animal exploitation industry,...


Nearly 100% of children exhibit at the age of 10 the first stage of the atherosclerosis and the first stage of coronary heart disease.

Atherosclerosis progresses slowly till adult age having as a result a heart attack, a strike and other serious illnesses.

It is no longer a question of preventing coronary diseases in 10...


Frauds from the area of dietetics and nutrition affirm that vegans suffer from a lack of proteins, folic acid, iron and calcium. In the face of said malicious lies Dr. Campbell elaborated in “The study of China” a clear and extensive table letting the facts speak for themselves.

The contents of nutrients in vegan menus of 500...


According to the studies carried out by Professor Tony Lindl, 99.7% of animal tests are not transferable to human beings.



It is also of importance the report made...


40 % of men older than 40 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence.

Usually, cardiac coronary disease is associated with impotence because the underlying arteriosclerosis is affecting all the blood vessels within the body.

The cholesterol levels found in younger subjects can predict a posterior...


The following information is important for vegans in this context:

A disproportion of Omega-6 fatty acids in a vegan diet or a low intake of Omega-3 fatty acids is known to cause an increase in the inflammatory activity of our body. Valued oils such as sunflower, corn, safflower, peanut and olive oils do not contain much...


Dr. Med. Michael Greger  has carried out interesting studies which show how intestinal, urinary tracts and bladder  infections in women are caused by bacteria which come from chicken meat in particular, even though it is not been eaten!

This is the summary of the facts revealed in such studies:

  • Multi-resistant pathogens in meat...

Dr. Michael Greger has been researching about the effects of diet on skin deterioration and wrinkling, and which foods can prevent them.

This is a summary of the results:

  • A diet high in vegetables, legumes (beans, peas, lentils, soy), and olive oil can prevent the appearance of wrinkles. (Note: It is recommended to moderately...

Children who consume a high amount of dairy products tend to be two times more obese than children who barely consume them. This was proved by a study conducted on 1,764 children and which was published in the Nutrition Journal. Moreover, this study points out that the consumption of cereals and vegetables have the opposite...