Do vegans suffer from any lack of nutrients even if they take enough vitamin B12?

Frauds from the area of dietetics and nutrition affirm that vegans suffer from a lack of proteins, folic acid, iron and calcium. In the face of said malicious lies Dr. Campbell elaborated in “The study of China” a clear and extensive table letting the facts speak for themselves.

The contents of nutrients in vegan menus of 500 calories (including tomatoes, spinach, beans, peas and potatoes) were compared to the contents of nutrients in menus of an animal origin of also 500 calories (equal parts of beef, pork, chicken and whole milk). The nutritional information obtained was a sudden evidence of the fraud:


The food of both vegetable and animal origin contain almost the same amount of proteins, plus the study showed that the proteins of animal origin are unhealthy and those of vegetable origin are beneficial for our health.

Folic acid:

It is almost exclusively present in vegetable foods (now we can explain why pregnant women and babies are prescribed a dietetic supplement of folic acid: because a meat based diet produces malnutrition!).


Vegetable foods contain a high percentage of iron. When we consume a fruit that is rich in vitamin C in a meal, for example in the form of juice, the absorption of iron is increased considerably. It is true that haem iron (of animal origin) is better absorbed; however, some studies have demonstrated that a high consumption of haem iron constitutes a serious risk for our health. The deficiency of iron can even be caused by an excessive loss of blood and not by alimentary causes.


A rich and varied diet based on vegetables contains high quantities of calcium and that of vegetable origin has a better bioavailability. The declarations voiced by the frauds of animal exploitation that disqualify a vegan diet as a “risk for our health” because of a supposed lack of calcium constitute what is named as “the lie of the milk”. Consuming milk and dairy products as a way to provide us calcium is as wrong as eating venomous fungi because they contain vitamins and minerals.

The facts clearly indicate how the food industry lies and rips off to protect its economic benefit. Studies demonstrate that a well-planned vegan diet is healthier than an omnivorous diet. As Prof. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn state, following a vegan diet is very advisable.

So that anyone can comprehend up to what point a vegan diet is beneficial, I have elaborated the 7 basic rules of alimentation, which are available on the webpage: http://www.provegan.info/eng/vegan/introduction/, allowing every person to adapt them to their life easily.