How does the animal industry and its scientific studies manipulate the results so that products from animal origin seem healthy?

Dr. Michael Greger shows us some of the most common tricks used by the animal exploitation industry.

In one of the studies it has been shown how the consumption of beef can reduce cholesterol, an effect that has been unanimously contradicted by the rest of serious studies. One study used by the animal exploitation industry, suggested that including beef as part of a “balanced” diet has many health benefits. It protects from heart disease and it reduces the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Is it really true that beef is healthy and as such has healthy benefits? How could those scientists gather that information?

Here is the trick: they changed substantially the menu of people who participated in the study, considerably reducing the amount of cheese, chicken meat, pork, etc. they consumed and then introduced beef as one of the menu items. In conclusion, the intake of animal-origin saturated fat was halved, and that is in fact nothing less the outcome shown in the study. Thus, even though the cholesterol level also fell slightly, in no way can be drawn from such proceeding that beef intake reduces the cholesterol level, nor conclude that the risk of suffering coronary and heart diseases has been decreased.

In short, it cannot be at all attributed to beef the reducing effect of cholesterol. The slight reduce of the cholesterol level was obviously due to the lower intake of animal-origin saturated fats. If we compare the “potentially unhealthy food” with the “unhealthy food”, the latter one causes a less dangerous level of cholesterol which is in no way healthy, let alone protect against heart diseases.

The findings of serious scientific studies are unanimous and clear in that respect: a substantial reduction of cholesterol levels which eventually reduce the risk of coronary and heart disease can only be achieved through a vegan diet.