A surprise for vegetarians – A study: Poor state of health in vegetarians.

Vegetarians are more prone to developing a cancer as well as heart related diseases, allergies and mental disorders that those eating meat. Besides, they have a lower quality of life and require medical services more often according to the studies of the University of Graz:


While this may surprise the vegetarians who take care of their diet, this is no surprise for the nutritionists. It would be absurd that a diet based on milk and dairy products would promote good health. Indeed, there are also studies which show good health in vegetarians. However, these studies have nothing to do with them leading a healthy lifestyle or diet. Milk and dairy products contain toxic substances hazardous for the health such as animal proteins, sexual and growth hormones, saturated fat and cholesterol. These hormones allow calves to grow faster however they harmful for humans and might ultimately lead to serious diseases. You can read this yourself on “The study of China”, a publication by Prof. Dr. Campbell.

Moreover, according to numerous researches carried out by the Swiss Federal Bureau of Public Health (BAG) and other scientists, milk and dairy products are the foods that contain the highest level of environmental toxins (Dioxine, PCP), 92% of which coming from meat.

Thus, it is not expected that a diet that includes harmful dairy products is healthy. Both milk and dairy products cause chronic illnesses and much suffering. Stricking evidence of health damage caused by milk and dairy product consumption can be found in literature. They are also available on the Pro Vegan website:


In the words of Dr. Med. Ernst Walter Henrich: “I would like to stress that the Pro Vegan Foundation has been warning against the dangers of a vegetarian and omnivorous diets for many years now.”

It is important to note that the study conducted by the University of Graz does not show meat quality. The study compares both a vegetarian diet and an omnivorous diet and it showed that a high consumption of milk and dairy products which can have a detrimental effect on a person’s health.

A diet can only be healthy under certain conditions:

  1. It must be 100% vegan.
  2. It must be based on the seven basic rules: http://www.provegan.info/index.php?id=234&L=0