Dairy products cause overweight. Cereals and vegetables can keep us slim.

Children who consume a high amount of dairy products tend to be two times more obese than children who barely consume them. This was proved by a study conducted on 1,764 children and which was published in the Nutrition Journal. Moreover, this study points out that the consumption of cereals and vegetables have the opposite effects.

The more cereals and vegetables children consume, the less probable it is that they suffer from obesity. Since adiposis has become an epidemy, above all in children whose parents do not pay attention to nutrition and who consider that milk and dairy products are healthy and since obesity has become a major cause for deadly diseases, it is necessary to identify the type of food that causes obesity and severe diseases. This is one of the many studies conducted in which it has been proved that milk and dairy products are bad for our health.

When we read in the website of the Ministry for the Protection of Consumers in Germany that dairy products are healthy, we wonder if they do this from a complete level of ignorance, pretending they are ignorant or with the intention of making profits our of the industry.

References: Matthews VL, Wien M, Sabaté J. The Risk of Child and Adolescent overweight is Related to Types of Food Consumed. Nutr. J. 2011;10:71.