Important study on the presence of multi-resistant pathogens in the meat (especially chicken’s) and on the bladder and the urinary tract infections. It is also interesting for vegans.

Dr. Med. Michael Greger  has carried out interesting studies which show how intestinal, urinary tracts and bladder  infections in women are caused by bacteria which come from chicken meat in particular, even though it is not been eaten!

This is the summary of the facts revealed in such studies:

  • Multi-resistant pathogens in meat especially that of chicken, come from the massive administering of antibiotics to animals for their fattening.
  • The heating of chicken meat by means of boiling or frying is useless at all since the infection has taken place BEFORE consuming it.
  • From the moment the chicken meat is put in the kitchen or in the fridge it poses a fast source of contamination even when it is thoroughly washed and disinfected.
  • Even the most extensive measures of disinfection do not achieve eradicating this contamination of resilient bacteria which can last in our kitchen for 10 days. The spread of such bacteria cannot be stopped once the chicken meat has entered the kitchen.
  • The only way of preventing this contamination is that meat does not enter our kitchen, especially chicken’s.

Conclusion: vegans can also become contaminated if chicken meat enters their kitchen. The consequences will be severe bladder and urinary tracts infections.